High-quality local-only backlinks in 
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We skyrocket your SEO.


Get fast results

We offer a fully-fledged tool to help you get new backlinks in Estonia, as well as in Latvia and Lithuania

Experts behind the solutions

It’s a project of Optimeeri.ee – one of the eldest SEO agencies in Estonia.

Get new backlinks in Estonia

We are local SEO platform with only quality websites and selected vendors (only from Estonia). 

Done by local experts

We’ve been doing SEO backlinks in Estonia for years and we’re the experts. Our clients get results from day one. Solution is brought to you by the one of the eldest SEO company  Optimeeri.ee

Where do we post the backlinks?
We have a curated database of local Estonian blogs, news sites and websites. All of our providers are SEO-checked to ensure that they are DA25+ sites.

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We are a team of SEO experts based in Estonia. We have been doing SEO for over 8 years and have helped hundreds of clients rank their websites.

Backlinks are a great way to improve your site’s ranking and gain traffic. Depending on the type of backlink, they will cost you from 50-150 EUR per month or 50-150 EUR per blogpost.